Windshield Replacement


A small windshield chip can easily be repaired, but if the chip is too large or if it extends the length and width of a large quarter, then your windshield will need to be replaced. Generally, if chips are larger than 3/8 of an inch and cracks are more than three inches long, you must replace your windshield for safety sake.

Windshield glass is made up of two transparent pieces of glass that are glued to a vinyl resin located in the center. The vinyl resin is a a safety layer which keeps the glass in place, especially during impacts or a collision. It also stops shards of glass from flying and harming the driver and passengers.

A cracked windshield will definitely impact your vision, plus in the sunlight it causes a glare which makes it difficult to see. If chips in the windshield are not fixed quickly, it will spread into a crack which requires full replacement. Even extreme heat or cold can cause stress on the impact area, causing it to grow larger which is dangerous. 

Windshields are also called “windscreens” because they are vital in protecting vehicle occupants from bugs, the wind, and other road harsh elements. Even though a windshield is made from a safer and stronger laminated OEM (original equipment manufacturer) quality glass, it is still susceptible to damage. 

As careful a driver as you are, windshield cracks or chips still occur. You could drive safely along the roadside and gravel or debris can easily fly up into your windshield. Unfortunately, windshield damage occurs all the time, due to many different factors, such as driving behind a construction truck carrying tools, rocks, or other types of materials that can fall off or be propelled onto your windshield. Sometimes windshields can crack due to poor manufacturing, which means that you must replace it.

Believe it or not, but natural weather and air changes can affect your windshield. Changing temperatures can alter your windshield because different parts of it can expand and contract at different times; hot sunlight is a temperature change that heats up the metal around the glass, causing it to crack. Even stormy weather like hail can severely crack a vehicle's windshield to the point that it must be replaced. 

A typical process for replacing a windshield, requires first replacing the rubberized weather stripping that holds the whole windshield to the frame of the car, along the edges of the glass. After removing an exterior trim and the weather stripping, a coating of adhesive is applied along the edges of the windshield frame, before we lift the glass into place. 

The windshield glass of older model cars are generally glued in place. Replacing older glass requires that the older model windshields must be cut out of the vehicle first. Then the body and the glass are cleaned and prepped. The new windshield and its moldings, if needed, are reinstalled in the vehicle with a urethane-type glue which must be cured for a short time.

Granted that windshield replacement is a little more expensive than a simple auto glass repair, but this process can be a life saver! Yes, a windshield repair can quickly solve your cracked auto glass problem but as time goes by it can become worse. Therefore, if you get a chip or a crack in your windshield, don’t ignore it because you think it would be too expensive to fix. Since the chip or crack is not going away, then a replacement is the final solution after all.

Remember that an experienced service professional is the best person to handle a windshield replacement job. They understand the necessary factors that need to be taken in account for replacing your windshield. Only an experienced professional can tell if the damage to your windshield can be repaired safely. Don't waste time or money at the expense of your life or of your loved ones, by trying to repair the windshield yourself.

Why not check with your local repair shops to receive a windshield replacement evaluation. They may have special promotional prices which will help save you more time and money on the windshield replacement cost. Also, check your auto insurance to see if you have a clause for windshield replacement help. Repairs are not always recommended, get an honest evaluation from a service professional to determine the safety risks before you decide to choose – repair vs. replacement!

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